Covid Safe Classes from 15 June

Covid Safe Martial Arts classes - Sunshine Coast

KMA Sunshine Coast will start training in the venue on 15 June with following the current Covid Safe guidelines by applying social distancing and applying the limited number in each class.

For the time being, we will be training solo practices including; punching drills, kicking drills, flexibility exercises, mobility exercises and strength training.

We are not going to do any contact self-defence techniques and grappling until we are allowed to do so.

We will keep up to date with the government regulation follow the guideline accordingly.

Please only come to the class if you are free any symptoms of any kinds of sickness including:

  1. fever
  2. dry cough
  3. tiredness
  4. aches and pains
  5. sore throat
  6. diarrhoea
  7. conjunctivitis
  8. headache
  9. loss of taste or smell
  10. a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
  11. Serious symptoms:
  12. difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  13. chest pain or pressure
  14. loss of speech or movement

We encourage you all to stay well by eating well, keep doing physical activities to stay fit and don’t forget to rest.

We hope you’re all well and looking forward to seeing you very soon.

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