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We train at the Alcooringa and Fusion Building. The address is 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim, Sunshine Coast.
Here is the instruction to get there.

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We train every Monday and Wednesday at:

Please see our Timetable.

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It’s only $20 per class, but you will need to pay $80 every fortnight (for 4 lessons).

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We charge $100/hour for one on one lessons, for non members.

$80/hour for people who come weekly lessons as a member.

$60 for students who already members and come to classes.

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Hapkido doesn’t teach you sets of patterns or Kata. Hapkido teaches you to re-direct energy and counter attack instead of forceful blocks. Also, it teaches you survival techniques from many different situations, from standing positions as well as on the ground.

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Hapkido Combatives has been developed by our Grand Master who also teaches Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kick Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So, that makes our style open, evolving and influenced by other styles of Martial Arts. Here is more info why we practice Hapkido Combatives.


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There is no such thing as the best Martial Arts. It’s like what is the best car? It all depends on the conditions, situations, how you practice it and how you apply it. Even the same people practising the same Martial Arts will be different. But Hapkido doesn’t only focus on striking, grappling or kicking, but we practice all aspects of Martial Arts.

This is the reason why we practice Hapkido.

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If you would like to grade and progress in ranking system (like most students), then you will need to come twice a week to ensure that you’re ready with the rest of the students to do grading.

Practicing twice a week helps your body to get used to what you learn in the class. Also you’re not missing the lessons that are taught in the class.

If you only want to learn practical self defence, then you could give the instructor a call and organise private lessons.

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If you would like to train then compete, then yes. We normally direct some students who would like to compete to do WTF Taekwondo competitions or Grappling (with Gi).

To prepare yourself for competition,  you will need extra training.  You can speak to the instructor to get extra training and mentoring outside of normal class.

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Safety is our number one priority and that is why we practice Martial Arts. We teach students to stay safe in life by avoiding physical confrontation and to defend themselves if they get attacked.

We teach students to warm up and to listen to instructions properly to avoid any injury, because any physical activity could cause some injury if we are not careful. That includes when you do physical work.

We also encourage students to improve their flexibility to avoid getting injured too easily.

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We already take this in to consideration as people need to go away sometimes, that’s why we provide video lesson on Facebook Group based on your levels and you still can access them from wherever you are in the world. If you go away for 2 weeks or more, and you give us notice, we can hold your membership. Please understand that these video lessons online will keep you on track with the class program and help you to get ready for your next grading.

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Kids change their minds all the time and sometime they just don’t feel like doing things.

We teach students how to make a commitment, reach goals and improve their discipline.

So, we are the parents who are responsible to teach the kids good habits and not quit.

We are all products of our habits. If we quit one thing it can lead us to quit other things too. That’s why we only sign you up if you at least commit for 1 year.

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Yes, you can come once a week to the class. But you won’t be able to be ready for grading by the time comes for grading.

You will still pay the same, but you can use the credit for the classes you miss to catch up with the syllabus with a monthly private lesson.

No additional fee is applied as the monthly private lesson is the same value.

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Yes, but you need to do private lessons. Normally we only have you and the teacher or you and the other person to practice with plus the teacher. But don’t forget that repetition of correct technique is the key to make anything effective.

Here is more details about Classes vs Private Lessons.

Please call on 0418729067 to discuss further.

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Kiai (in Japanese), Kihap in Korean or simply Yell (in English) has been used for hundreds of years for Martial Arts practitioners all over the world.
In practice, Kiai is done for let out the Ki (Chi) or in English “Inner Energy”, our feeling anxious, helps you to relax the nervous system and helps to prepare and bring together of body, mind and spirit to the technique you perform to get maximum results.
In a real fights it’s used to startle, distract, frighten and intimidate your opponents, express confidence or express victory. It also helps for fighting your own fear and generate more power in your attacks if you ever need to defend yourself in danger.
A kiai can also be used in addition with tightening and strengthen the core muscles to prevent damage to the stomach while you’re being attacked.
So, please do it properly when the instructor asks you to do it.
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Traditional Hapkido had lots of similarity with Traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu. Both teaches you striking, kicking, joint locks as well ground fighting. They are both some of the oldest version of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

However, our style (Hapkido Combatives) has been evolving the past few decades with some influence from Kick Boxing as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Martial Arts is one of the most powerful ways to make positive change in your life. It’s not only about conditioning your body, but your mind and spirit as well.

It will help you to develop a self-discipline and great character. It also will help you to improve your focus, awareness and achieving great respect to yourself and others.

If you stick to it, you will become self motivated and have self control and have the ability to resolve conflicts without violence.

Through the stripes and belt ranking system, they will learn to set achievable goals and the skills will be applicable through out their lives.

It will help you to excel academically and better study habit and greater self-esteem.

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