Hapkido Combatives

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Hapkido is a combination of 3 words:

HAP =  Coordination / Harmony –  KI =  Power / Energy  –  DO = The Way

HAPKIDO = The Way of Coordinated Power

Hapkido is a complete system of Martial Arts which originated from South Korea with a focus on self-defence, control and precision. It is one of the original Mixed Martial Arts, with roots in Japanese Dayto-Ryu Aikijujutsu and Judo with the influence of other Korean Martial Arts systems such as Taekkyon and Tang Soo Do. In the past few decades, it has also been influenced by Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Philipino Martial Arts.

Hapkido involves both long-range and close-range fighting techniques, including pressure point strikes, punches, joint locks, throws, ground fighting as well as dynamic kicking.

The system provides a solid foundation in many forms of self-defence so that its practitioners are equipped to survive in real self-defence situations. Instead of forceful blocking and strength, the emphasis of Hapkido is on deflecting an opponent’s attacks and counter-attacking. It is grounded in the principles of water, circular motion, and harmony.

Hapkido was designed as a way to defend against and overcome an attacker in many different scenarios. It teaches the practitioners to control and defeat the attacker completely and make them incapable of causing any more harm. However if absolutely necessary, such as in a life-or-death confrontation, Hapkido enables the practitioners to use extremely powerful and even deadly force.