Self Defence


KMA Martial Arts Sunshine Coast offers self-defence program that’s specifically designed for people to learn how to escape and survive from the most common attacks that could happen on the streets. Also to give you the knowledge to avoid any physical confrontation and to give you some level of confidence to stand up for yourself or your loved ones if these situations ever happen.

If we talk about self-defence, it’s a massive topic. This is because there are so many possibilities or scenarios for physical attacks. There are kicks and punches. There are grabs with bare hands or attacks with weapons. It could also be single attacker or multiple attackers.

In real situations when physical confrontations happen, we all get nervous and adrenaline kicks in. That can dramatically change the way we think, the way we respond and react to situations.

It takes regular practice and years of training for anyone to achieve a master level in Martial Arts. Even then, you can be very good at something but realistically no one can really master anything.

But you don’t need years of training to avoid trouble, to act safely, respond and react effectively to defend yourself against physical confrontations.

Most people who start or pick a fight and try to harm other people on the streets are people who have problems themselves and are not trained and skilled fighters (Martial Artists). It doesn’t mean that Martial Artists never get involved in street fights, but in most cases they would use their skills to defend themselves and stop the fights rather than start the fights.