Stretching classes for flexibility and mobility Sunshine Coast


Having good flexibility and mobility is important for your posture and makes you feel amazing because you will be able to move your body freely. It will also give you a good range of motion that will prevent you from getting injured when you do any physical activities that require a moderate level of mobility such as any physical work, any types of sports, gym workouts, martial arts, etc.

Stretching exercises that we do, also helps to improve your muscle tone, balance, reduce joint and muscle pain and relaxes your body. When your body is relaxed, it will help to relax your mind and this will reduce stress and anxiety dramatically.

If you are lack of flexibility and mobility, it would be wise to do something about it as soon as you can, as it will only get worse as you get older. The good news is we can improve it and we can help you to you to do that.

When I started doing Martial Arts as a 14 year old the style didn’t teach you high kicks or any flashy moves. But when I was 25, I had a friend who could do high kicks and some acrobatic moves and I was inspired to join him at his class. But I was having a hard time to follow some of the moves because my flexibility was limited.

Then I started to have coaching, did plenty of research, bought instructional videos and read a few books about improving flexibility. Luckily I was a self motivated person and I did stretching scientifically and regularly every day and before I knew it I got to the point where I could do full squat, bend down touch my hand flat on the floor and do front and side splits. Now, I’m in my 50s and still flexible as you can see on my photos above.

Now I have been teaching Martial Arts in the past 10 years and I have so many student (all ages) that have very bad flexibility and prevent them to do techniques that require a big range of motions. That can also cause injury if you force yourself to do them.

Since then I’ve been inspired to open flexibility classes to help people to improve their flexibility and for the past 7 years I have had students who have improved both flexibility and mobility dramatically and are happier than ever.

There are so many who people advertise on Facebook saying they can improve your flexibility fast, etc. But realistically, it needs practice and it can only be improved gradually.

There is no magic wand, but I’m offering the method that actually works and I have proven by myself and my students in the past few years. So, I will guide you to practice and improve your flexibility and mobility safely and realistically by doing warm up and stretching gradually and help you to stay motivated to practice to achieve it.

You can do it privately for $85 per session (one on one for one hour), or bring another person with you and pay $65 each. As a bonus, you can also learn some self defence as an option if you’re interested.

Want to get started on your flexibility journey?

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4 X Private Lessons (One on one)

Normally $85/session You Pay $300

Save $40

4 X Semi Private Lessons (You + a friend)

Normally $65/session You Pay $450 (for 2)

Save $70

8 X Private Lessons (You + a friend)

Normally $85/session You Pay $600

Save $80

8 X Semi Private Lessons (You + a friend)

Normally $65/session You Pay $860

Save $90


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