Mr. Harry Gusman

Mr. Harry Gusman has been a Martial Arts practitioner since he was 14 years old.

He started practicing Kempo when he was 14, Kung Fu when he was in his 20s. As soon as he moved to Australia, he continued training in WTF Tae Kwon Do at The Australian Martial Arts Academy under Grand Master Ridvan Manav and at the same time he also trained Hapkido under his mentor and teacher; Grand Master Fari Salievski since 2002 in Sydney, NSW.

Since he moved to the Sunshine Coast in February 2017, he has been training Wing Chun Kung-Fu and Krav Maga.

He decided to go back to Hapkido Combatives because Hapkido gives you options to defend and escape, defend and control and defend and destroy if it’s absolutely necessary if your life is in danger.