Why Hapkido

Hapkido is a complete and smart system of Martial Arts that has been designed to defend yourselves and survive even if a bigger and stronger person attacks you.

As you can imagine, when it comes to physical confrontation, it can be very brutal and ugly. So, we don’t teach you to block if someone attacks you, but we teach you to redirect the energy and counter attack.

In our system of Hapkido Combatives, we use short and long-range fighting techniques, that includes all kinds of pressure points striking, dynamic kicking, joint manipulation, joint locks, throwing, and ground fighting.

If you ever need to use the skill to defend yourselves in a physical confrontations, Hapkido gives you options to just be safe and escape from the situations, defend and control or defend and destroy (if your life is in danger).

It is not pattern based Martial Arts, but it teaches students many different scenarios and how to deal with them.

The three principles of Hapkido are:
Non-resistance, flow like water and circular motions. It also teaches you how to use the opponent’s power against them by redirecting the energy and counter-attack rather than blocking.